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LINA is an advanced AI model.

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01.Who we are


a virtual female model created with AI technology in South Korea. LINA represents the cutting edge of virtual modeling, combining advanced algorithms and realistic visuals to deliver a captivating digital presence. With her striking appearance and versatile capabilities, LINA aims to redefine the boundaries of virtual representation and push the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

LINA Mission

As a female virtual model created using AI technology, LINA's mission is to inspire and empower individuals through digital representation, promoting inclusivity, diversity, and positive self-expression. LINA Transformer.

LINA Vision

As an AI-generated virtual female model, LINA possesses a vision to inspire and empower individuals by redefining beauty standards, fostering inclusivity, and promoting diversity. LINA aims to redefine beauty standards, break barriers, and foster meaningful connections in the virtual world. LINA Universe.

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02.Meet the team

The Dream Team

The team behind the creation of LINA Model comprises exceptionally talented individuals who bring their expertise and dedication to the forefront. Each member is highly skilled and committed to excellence, contributing their unique strengths to make the project a success. Together, they form an outstanding team that embodies professionalism, innovation, and a shared passion for pushing the boundaries of AI technology in virtual modeling.
Stable Diffusion Tunning
Image Composition
Software Development
Digital Marketing

03.What we do

The Services

AI Virtual Model


An AI virtual model refers to a digital representation of a person or character that is generated and controlled by artificial intelligence algorithms.

Digital Marketing


Social media marketing utilizing AI virtual models offers a dynamic and innovative approach to engage and captivate audiences.

AI Commerce


AI-powered virtual models have revolutionized the landscape of the shopping business, offering a unique and immersive experience for customers.

04.What's done

The Works


05.Step inside

The LINA Models

LINA Model, an AI-based platform for virtual female models, offers a diverse lineup of models, with three prominent representatives: Lina, Ivy, and Grace. Among them, Lina, Ivy, and Grace are the most well-known virtual models within the LINA Model platform. Each of them possesses unique characteristics and appeals to different audiences, showcasing the versatility and creativity of the LINA Model platform.

06.Stay up to date

The News

Here's the latest news on LINA Model:
Jun 15, 2023

Offdays Split Promotion

Lina Model was selected as an influencer for the promotion of the online global golf membership


07.Let's talk

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